Our Faculty - Our Strength

Founder & Chief Instructor



Percy’s background in finance, insurance and investment is extensive and spans almost 20 years. Speaking to various audiences he has lectured for business executives and universities alike, developing curriculum’s as required and offering consulting advise. Working with major corporations, finance training academies and investment boutiques he offers counsel and guidance on everything from financial and retirement planning, estate and tax planning, asset management to insurance. Percy has authored two management books and is closely associated with various humanitarian causes. 

Our Teaching Philosphy

We believe that a teacher plays an important role in student’s academic experience and future career success. Our priority is to positively contribute to students’ overall learning experience by providing them opportunities for effective learning. 

Teaching should be viewed in the context in which it takes place; every teaching and learning situation possesses unique characteristics, and an effective teacher should be able to adopt the pedagogical method that promotes maximum learning and understanding of course material among students.

Since finance is an applied field it can be best taught using real-world examples to enable students better understand the practical applications of the theoretical concepts taught in the course material - ensuring success in their career.