HLLQP - Life Insurance Advisor

A Career as a Life Insurance Agent

Congratulations on your interest in a career as a life insurance agent; it is a fantastic industry with literally unlimited income potential.

The first step in becoming a licensed life insurance agent begins with taking and completing the Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (HLLQP).



HLLQP Preparation- 20.0 hours

As a training provider for the Harmonized LLQP, FinanceCoach offers study tools to help students succeed on their provincial licensing exams. We will guide students through the regulator’s course material, helping them break down complex concepts and providing them with the knowledge and skills to build a solid foundation as an insurance professional.  In general, you will have one year to pass all your exams. Contact the insurance regulator in your province for more information. 

Enrol in the HLLQP exam prep if you're:

  • Individuals seeking to become a licensed life insurance agent
  • Individuals wanting to learn about life insurance

Pre-requisites for HLLQP:

The HLLQP course in Ontario is available to anyone; however it is recommended that you have at least a high school education with equivalent English or French language and math skills. 

Learn About:

The HLLQP course provides you with all the necessary study requirements to become certified to write the provincial exams and subsequently become licensed as a licensed agent. The program consists of four modules:

  • Ethics and Professional Practice
  • Life Insurance
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Segregated Funds and Annuities

Exam Information:

  • Exams - 4
  • Exam Format - Paper 
  • Exam Duration - 75 minutes each
  • Question Format - Multiple Choice
  • Questions Per Exam - 30
  • Attempts Allowed Per Exam - 3
  • Passing Grade - 60%
  • Assignments - None

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 ** FinanceCoach.Ca provides guidance to course participants to be sufficiently prepared to write the HLLQP examination. The estimated number of 20 hours is the average a participant could possibly expect to spend coaching for the course and would require an additional 30-50 hours of reading. Please note that these are only recommended hours of study developed based on research and the course content taught, however, this does not mean that some students with exceptional backgrounds would not take less time than recommended or that students with no background at all in finance or economics would not take longer than the maximum.