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Become a Real Estate Salesperson

Real estate sales can be a fantastically rewarding career…but you need to go in with your eyes wide open!  Like most things in life, successful people make it look easy. But what you see are the results of their efforts, and their money. They’ve had to overcome fierce competition: there are over 100,000 Real Estate Salespeople with their real estate license in Canada or nearly 1 for every 266 adult Canadians. 

Educational Prerequisites:

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

You must submit one copy of the following items to the Admissions Department of the OREA Real Estate College:

  • Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma, or
  • Ontario Secondary School Transcript that clearly states that an Ontario Secondary School Diploma was awarded

Salesperson Registration Program:

Pre-registration – five courses:

  • Real Estate as a Professional Career
  • Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading
  • The Real Estate Transaction – General + The Residential Real Estate Transaction
  • The Commercial Real Estate Transaction
  • Real Property Law

The two new courses during the pre-registration period are:

1.The Residential Real Estate Transaction and The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Aspiring registrants will now be required to take both the commercial and residential courses prior to becoming registered.  Previously, they would take one before registration and the other during the articling phase. Our consultative review of the program showed wide-spread support for this change, ensuring that new registrants have understanding of both commercial and residential right from the start.

2. Real Property Law

The existing registration courses cover real estate law, while Real Property Law reinforces and expands on the concepts that students have learned.

Once you have completed your courses above to obtain your real estate license in Ontario you are then licensed and able to sell real estate while being employed by a brokerage in Ontario.  The next phase of your courses is called the articling phase.


This articling phase must be completed within two years following initial registration with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO).

Articling Period – one course:

One elective from the following choices:

  • Principles of Appraisal
  • Principles of Mortgage Financing
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • Principles of Property Management

Once you have completed the above courses along the path of courses to obtain your real estate license in Ontario you are well along your way to a long term career in real estate.

Registered salespeople may pursue broker registration once completing the Real Estate as a Professional Career program, Articling Phase, and one additional elective.


The institution that governs your courses to obtain your real estate license in Ontario is called OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association).  They have what is called, the OREA Real Estate College and they are the body that develops and administers the educational courses that are required to become a registered real estate salesperson on behalf of RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario). Courses are offered as e-learning, classroom or correspondence. 

Real Estate - Creating a Successful Career:

A successful career in real estate doesn’t just happen and rarely comes easily. Real estate sales are extremely demanding and a personal commitment to excellence is essential.

Those people, like you, who enter the profession will travel a challenging road.  Be prepared to invest time and money in a life-long learning exercise.

Completing required courses is just the beginning of a journey with your courses to obtain your real estate license in Ontario that requires continuing education to maintain your edge and professional credentials. Every two years you will be required to take another 24 hours of courses to ensure you are current and active with the real estate industry.

The market is dynamic, legislation is constantly changing, and new technologies are continuously emerging.  It’s no wonder that knowledge is power in the real estate marketplace.

Personal sacrifices are also a reality. In the heat of negotiations, most buyers and sellers have little regard for the time of day.  You have to be prepared to work long hours, encounter high stress levels, and you will likely have a reduced social life for the first 5 years you are in the business.  It’s also true that a career in real estate is anything but routine and you are called to action at all times and hours of the day.

Still, successful people in the profession are the first to say it’s a matter of perspective and balance. Trade-offs must be made, but the personal freedom, a satisfying career, and the long-term benefits are well worth the effort.

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 ** FinanceCoach.Ca provides guidance to course participants to be sufficiently prepared to write the Real Estate examination. The estimated number of 20-30 hours is the average a participant could possibly expect to spend coaching for the course and would require an additional 75-100 hours of reading. Please note that these are only recommended hours of study developed based on research and the course content taught, however, this does not mean that some students with exceptional backgrounds would not take less time than recommended or that students with no background at all in finance or economics would not take longer than the maximum.