What some of our Students say about us!

Brad C - International Financial Data Services (IFDS)

 “Thank you for helping me pass the IFC exam on the first attempt. I am able to successfully apply all of the knowledge from the exam on a day to day basis and expand further because of how well you explained the subject matter.”  

Zimran H. - RBC

 “A great tutor! FinanceCoach has taught me a lot in a short period of time and I've been able to grasp complicated topics very quickly since he explains them very well. He has a strong understanding of all CSI subjects, however he quickly adapts to your level and meets your needs. I would definitely recommend FinanceCoach to anyone!.” 

Stephanie N. - TD Canada

 “FinanceCoach not only helped me pass my IFIC but a new learning style. I can also convey my message to my clients more easily now. Thanks FinanceCoach! I would definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues in need of a tutor. I will keep in touch with you for future financial exams!” 

Balaji M. - Desjardins Insurance

 “Many thanks for your excellent support in HLLQP. Your training made it very easy for passing the insurance licensing exam and provided with me a with a sound background of concepts.” 

Arjun S. - University of Waterloo

 Whoever is studying for a Finance related designation, I highly recommend FinanceCoach. I was studying for the CSC and took a course at a known College and did not learn much. I got in contact with FinanceCoach who simplified the exam content in a systematic way. FinanceCoach genuinely cares about whether you pass or not, and I will be forever grateful for the time and care the faculty took in helping me. FinanceCoach is a great mentor - I strongly recommend.

Haris Y. - RBC

FinanceCoach took his due diligence to provide exceptional service for every hour he tutored me and made sure that every hour was useful. He provided extremely helpful notes which were beneficial when I was trying to visualize and retain concepts during the IFIC exam. I was under a time constraint and wanted to finish the IFIC as soon as possible. Percy provided me with the necessary tools to successfully pass the IFIC on my first attempt. Thank you for your help ! 

Kevin P. - TD Canada

 “I would suggest to anyone who wants to pass the Canadian securities course who has'nt got the time to lose and go through the trouble of giving re-exams. The faculty is excellent in providing the knowledge requried to pass the exam in a fun and interesting manner.”  

Akter M. - ScotiaBank

 “I would like to thank you for running a great class that allowed me to be successful on the CSC exam.” 

Jash M. - RBC

“Finance Coaching faculty helped me achieve  success in my IFC exam and I got promoted as a Financial Services Advisor in my Bank.” 

Sam M. - NBC

 “FinanceCoach faculty is  great in teaching and  helps to focus on the main concepts and breaks them down so that it is easier to understand. All the highlighting they say to do is critically important.” 

Kenan K. - TD Canada

Very thorough and good at explaining difficult concepts. Genuine in caring for student success and has students best interest in mind the entire time. Very productive and enjoyable experience. Would come back. 

Iryna K. - Alterna Savings

FinanceCoach is great at explaining things and he took the time to understand my individual questions. It was so helpful to have a real conversation with someone (not just read a textbook) so I could really understand the concepts. Extremely helpful !! "Percy is awesome, very detail oriented, [and] made sure I understood every step. He has great depth of knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to learn." 

.... and many more students who have achieved SUCCESS in their exams

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